Their throne and cape were decorated with artwork of lions and salamanders

Their throne and cape were decorated with artwork of lions and salamanders

The master of Wands presents unbridled optimism, risk-taking, and benevolence. They urges that set-out and achieve your targets by placing your own authority expertise to close usage.

  • Component: Fire
  • Earth: Mars
  • Astrology sign: Leo
  • Essential dates: July 12 to August 11
  • 1 Visual Items and Symbolization
  • 2 The King of Wands cards as people
  • 3 The King of Wands Straight: Good Significance
  • 4 The King of Wands Reversed: Bad Significance
  • 5 Ones History, Gift, and Future
  • 6 Essential Card Combos
  • 7 master of Wands: Yes or No Questions

Artistic Characteristics and Symbolism

During the Rider-Waite patio, the master of Wands demonstrates the visibility of a master resting on his throne, keeping a big staff within his right-hand. The employees try blossoming, symbolizing the strength of lives throughout the kinds.

The lions portray energy and energy, while the salamanders symbolize flames. All of our interest is interested in the salamanders, that are biting her tails — a paradoxical reference to the infinity.

The flame models regarding crown together with vibrant orange shade of the king’s gown further highlight their fiery determination.

The master of Wands Card as a Person

Drawing the King of Wands in an individuality reading suggests that you happen to be a natural-born leader, and you exude self-esteem and perseverance.

The master of Wands will fight tirelessly to realize their own objectives and safeguard their particular values. This natural drive lures good focus, however their friendly and confident nature is really what actually helps make men hang in there.

King of Wands characters were persuasive, as well as set that high quality to close incorporate by helping people end up being their finest selves.

Master of Wands — Eli Neugeboren

The Master of Wands Straight: Positive Significance

The erect master of Wands represents daring fuel, brand new tips, and goal-oriented activities. Victory is found on the horizon.

Like and connections

Your own relationship will soon submit a new state identified by emotional readiness. You and your spouse realize and honor each other’s liberty and individual goals.

Changes could be psychologically overwhelming, so be sure to talk openly with one another — this will help keep consitently the relationship strong even though you both pursue your own hopes and dreams.

If you’re unmarried, this credit are an indication your experiencing the liberty and thrills of single life. There’s no hurry to stay lower — you’ve kept expanding kept doing. Just the right person should be here if you are ready.


Look for advice or mentorship from some body considerably elderly than your at work. You’ve got most all-natural talent, but finding out from their experiences will turn you into much better.

If you’re vying for a management character or increased responsibilities, best strategy is always to network with those above you and study from them.


The master of Wands is actually an exceptionally great omen for cash things. They usually announces a financial windfall, or a financial investment that is planning to pay. Hold being mindful along with your spending and you may see your financial situation fix substantially.


With that said, you are in rather health. But you may have a propensity to overdo it about exercise, food diets, and health remedies. Hear the human body and simply provide what it needs.

You’ve been looking for professional advice to assist you enhance your life techniques. This could are available in the form of your own teacher, nutritionist, or possibly simply a buddy with that you can display your progress. Their particular pointers does your a great amount of good.

The Master of Wands Reversed: Bad Definitions

The reversed King of Wands signifies the good characteristics with the King of Wands, but taken up to the ultimate. It is described by aggressiveness, unrealistic objectives, and terrible management and decision-making.

Appreciation and relations

Distrust and anxiety about engagement often include the reversed master of Wands. Your partner has-been busting guarantees of late and it is not totally honest about their aim for the future. This could be regarding a youthful breach of rely on or disagreement which was never fully handled.

Confer with your companion regarding their anxieties, but opt for your self if this sounds like the sort of commitment you should be in.

If you’re solitary, you might be creating a difficult opportunity obtaining anybody to commit to your. People are ghosting your or simply just suggesting they can’t be in a relationship at this time. In place of begging these to become to you, assert the freedom and they’ll become used by the positive character.


You are getting conceited and domineering in the workplace. By maybe not enabling other individuals bring their because of you will be disrespecting your coworkers and generating a hostile workplace.

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